Nose Lift / Power Steering Fluid Flush

How to flush the power steering / nose lift fluid in a Murcielago.

Tools needed:
Phillips head screw driver
3+ feet of 3/16" hose
Dexron III automatic transmission fluid (ATF)
Adjustable wrench
Drain pan
Zip tie

Before starting, remember that this is a high pressurized system and that as much care should be taken with the drain hose/bleeder valve as possible.

Steps 1-4 are to gain access to the power steering / nose lift system.

Front of car:
1. Remove rubber seal from the back edge of the boot
2. Remove rear boot panel by un-screwing Phillips head screws (disconnect electrical connection for light on the back of the panel)
In the center of the opening is a bleeder screw on a copper block. This is the bleeder screw for the system.

Rear of car:
3. Remove mesh muffler cover by un-screwing 4 Phillips head screws in the lower mesh, 4 Phillips head screws at the top of the cover, and pulling the panel straight up.
4. Remove the right carbon engine bay panel by un-screwing 3 Phillips head screws and carefully pulling the panel up over the intake tubes, then rotating the back of the panel out of the engine bay.
The large silver canister with black top is the power steering / nose lift fluid reservoir.

The flush:
5. Remove the cap to the reservoir.
6. Attach hose to bleeder and put other end of hose in drain pan
7. Zip tie hose to bleeder
8. Start car
9. Open bleeder
10. Watch the fluid level in the reservoir, when the reservoir is almost empty, shut off the car.
11. Close bleeder
12. Fill reservoir with new fluid
13. Start car
14. Open bleeder
Only rotate 1/4 turn, if the bleeder screw comes out fluid will spray all over the boot

15. Watch the fluid level in the reservoir, when the reservoir is half empty
16. Close the bleeder.
17. Fill the reservoir to the full level with new fluid
18. Get in car (still running) and turn the steering wheel left & right.
19. Push nose lift button (the system will take time to lift the car); after the car has been raised, lower it with the nose lift button.
20. HOLD HOSE TO BLEEDER WITH YOUR HAND and open bleeder for 20 seconds, then close it.
21. Fill reservoir to full line with new fluid.
22. Cycle nose lift one last time.
23. Re-install engine bay panels and rear boot panel.


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