Manually Keep Bat Wings Open

To open the coolant vents aka bat wings on a Murcielago/LP640/LP670, push the bat wing button on the center console. The bat wings will lower automatically once the car is in motion.

To keep the bat wings open at all times, follow these steps:

1. Push the bat wing button on the center console to raise the bat wings:

2. Open the engine hatch and locate the battery power knob (left side of engine bay, behind air box);

3. Turn the car off with the ignition key;

4. Quickly (ie as fast as you can, or have a second person) turn the battery power knob off.

5. Bat wings now will stay raised.


  1. It isn't entirely clear as to whether this is permanent? or how to lower the wings?
    What happens when you turn battery switch & ignition back on?
    How do you lower the bat-wings, after having been out driving?
    Does this process raise the rear wing?

    1. This is not permanent, it merely stops the automatic function of the bat wings. To lower the wings and return to automatic functioning, follow the instructions here:


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