Lower Bat Wings

To return the batwings to automatic operation, there are two options.

1. Insert key in the ignition. Cycle it three times between on and off (don't start the car), and on the fourth cycle, leave the key in the "on" position

2. Push and hold the bat wing button on the center console until the bat wings lower completely.

- or -

1. Push and hold the bat wing button on the center console

2. While holding the button, turn the ignition on, the bat wings will start to lower, continue to hold the button until the wings lower completely.

3. The batwings are now in automatic mode.


  1. Man this is great info, so glad I found this page. Thanks!

  2. Help! My mercies bat wings are about 1 inch up from the fully closed (flush) position.
    Tried the above but they just go up and back down to the same position, and ideas on this one???

  3. Try raising the batwings, shutting off power to the car, then go through the steps to lower them again. The motors' memory (GFA) think that the position they are stopping in is the resting position, resetting the car may allow the (GFA) to re-learn where to rest.


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