Rear Deck Lid / Trunk Panel Removal & License Plate Light Replacement


These are the necessary steps to get the rear trunk panel off the coupes, allowing access to the exhaust, license plate lights, or if you're working on the rear of the engine bay and don't want to scratch the paint.

1.  Remove all the screws holding the metal mesh screen at the back of the engine bay off      -  4 screws at the top of the mesh and 4 screws toward the bottom of the mesh;

2.  Remove the 2 bolts that are towards the top of the trunk panel;  

3.  Unplug the 2 wiring harness looms that are located below the two bolts just removed;

4.  Pay attention to the orientation of the engine cover latch, then remove it;

5.  Lift up on the trunk panel edge closest to the engine and slide the trunk panel towards the rear of the car and it will pop off

 -  License plate lights wiring is still attached: either follow the wire into the engine bay and disconnect it, or remove the light housings (shown below);

6.  Remove the factory muffler heat shield by taking off the 2 top bolts and the 2 small nuts on the sides. Once the bolts and nuts are off, lift the heat shield up and out out of the car;

Now you have access to the exhaust. 


1.   Remove the 2 screws holding each light housing in place;

2.  Push the housing away from the "Lamborghini" emblem on the trunk panel (looking at the picture above, push the housing downward);
  -  Slightly bend the plastic trim piece with your finger to clear the lens of the housing;
  -  Force is required to slide the housings out. Once the housing is out, the bulb is exposed;

3.  Release the bulb by bending the metal tabs back gently with your fingers. 

I installed LED license plate lights


1.  Look near the tail lights and you'll see two circular holes that The trunk panel fits into;

2.  Engine cover latch: 

   Install the right side bolt;
   The left side bolt threads into a small bracket that is attached to one of the release cables.    Place the bracket under the left side hole and thread the bolt through through it.  

**NOTE** If you do not attach the little bracket, the engine lid will not open.