Spark Plug Replacement

How to replace spark plugs in a Murcielago and Diablo 6.0:

Factory plugs for a Murcielago are Champion RA59PP platinum plugs.
NGK DCPR9EIX-2316 platinum plugs are available HERE

Gap the plugs .5-.6 per Lamborghini requirements before working on the car.

Tools needed:
10"+ extension
5/8" socket
Telescoping magnet
Di-electric grease

1. Remove intake tube from throttle bodies and vacuum tubes pictured below for easier access to the spark plugs;
2. Unplug ignition coils from the wiring harness, remember the orientation of the connectors;
3. 2002/2003 cars: Remove retaining clips holding the spark plug into the head by pulling the clip by its raised edge by hand or use pliers to pull it off gently;
4. Twist and Pull the igntions coils, by hand, upwards and out of the head;
5. Cylinder's #3 & #10 on 2002-2006 cars are tight to remove due to vacuum actuators located above them;
- The actuators have a small arm on the bottom, push the arm up with your finger while simultaneously pulling the ignition coil out. Rotate the ignition coil to clear the actuator arm and slide it out
6. Cylinder's #3 & #10 have a wiring clip above them on the valve cover, unclip this for more room to work;
7. Use a 5/8" socket, remove the spark plug from the head;
8. Use a telescoping magnet to remove the spark plug from the head;
9. Install the new spark plug;
10. With the ignition coils out of the car:

Each ignition coil has two aluminum sleeves and when pulling the ignition coils out of the head the outer sleeve can get caught in the head. Ensure that both sleeves are on each ignition coil once removed from the car. If not, remove the stuck sleeve by pulling it out by hand or with pliers.

Each ignition coil has a rubber o-ring which can get caught on the top of the head. Ensure it has come out with the coil pack. If it has not, remove it from the head and set it next to the coil pack.

If the coil pack has been subjected to moisture, it should be cleaned while out of the car.

a. Pull the rubber boot off the bottom of the coil pack by carefully pulling and twisting until the boot "pops" off;
b. Using compressed air (or a Q Tip) clean the inside of the rubber boot; wipe down the exterior;
c. Blow out the now exposed tip of the coil pack (I literally blew on it) to clear any debris;
d. Wipe the aluminum sleeves with a clean rag;
f. Ensure the O-ring is attached at the top of the ignition coils;
g. Add a small amount of Di-Electric grease to the electrode;
h. Install the rubber boot to the Di-Electric grease; and
i. Using the Di-Electric grease, apply a generous amount to the aluminum sleeve and O-ring

11. Install ignition coils onto the spark plug (start with cylinder closest to front of car);
12. 2002/2003 cars: slide retaining clip onto ignition coils by hand;
13. Attach wiring harness to ignition coils; and
14. Re-install vacuum hoses, electrical connections & intake tubes.

Ignition coils, wiring harness, retaining clip, in head

Retaining clip removed

Retaining Clip

Vacuum actuator and vacuum line

Vacuum line removed

Corroded Aluminum Sleeve & O-ring that didn't come out of head with ignition coil

Dirty ignition coil boot

Line of ignition coils ready to be cleaned

View of ignition coil without boot in place


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