Remove Shelf in Murcielago Trunk

Remove Shelf in Murcielago Boot/Trunk

This modification gives the Murcielago much more storage space in the trunk. The idea behind the shelf is to prevent children from being locked in the trunk. All vehicles in the United States, since 2002, require a release latch from inside a vehicle's trunk. Lamborghini's solution to this problem is making the trunk too small for a child to fit into. By removing the shelf, the trunk of the Murcielago becomes much more useable.

Tools Needed:
Allen Wrench
Shop Light

1. Lift the shelf up and where the shelf pivots there are two allen bolts;

2. Use the Allen Wrench to remove the pivot mounts, there are two bolts per side;

3. Once all four bolts are removed, pull shelf out of the trunk; and

4. Optional: remove the pivot mounts from the shelf and replace the in the trunk.

Murcielago Trunk with Shelf
Murcielago Trunk without Shelf
So much more room for activities!


  1. Man, that is I went to take my New merci and wife to the shore and learned that all that would fit in my trunk was my wifes bikini!!! Had to leave the car home. My shelf is coming out!


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