Hardwire Radar

I couldn't find ANY info on how to hard wire a V1 into a Murci. So I went ahead and did it myself. 

I picked up a 20ft strand of black telephone cord, and did not modify the car at all. 

1. Look at the plug from the V1 cord and note the orientation of the green & red wires (I think green is on the left); then find the plug with the same orientation on the telephone cord (use that side).

2. Cut the wire with about 10ft left and strip a few inches of the wire. 

3. Open the fuse box on the driver side, go for the lowest fuse (blinkers), and note the nut holding the fuse box in place; remove both.

Black wire fed from a-pillar to fuse box. 

Green wire to fuse (power) and red wire to ground. 

4. Wrap the green wire around the fuse prong & plug it in. Then wrap the red wire around the stud and tighten the nut. 

5. Plug in the V1 to see if it powers up. 

6. If it does work, unplug the wires.

7. Place the V1 where you want it

8. Pull the a-pillar off, by removing the sun visor and pulling on the panel, starting at the top of the panel. Pull it down so that there is just enough room to run the cut end of the wire through the base of the a-pillar (at windshield) and route it down to the fuse box.

9. Plug the wire into the V1.

10. Pull the wire down by the fuse box so that it's taught. 

11. Now, tuck the exposed wire between the headliner and windshield.

12. Cut the excess wire and re-install the wires at the fuse box & ground. 

13. Close fuse box and you're good to go.

Final result. 


  1. Please dont wrap wire around a fuse, this is not a good install, I beg you, $100k+ car, and you do a slam shop install.

    Show people how to DIY right! Use an external fuse, and grab power from buss, and ground correctly!

  2. Yes, you could also use a jumper fuse instead of wrapping wire around the fuse, or tap into a power source. Personally, I have never had a problem using the method above on my vehicles.

  3. There's also an excellent source of fused and switched power about 3 inches from your V1. It's the powered, auto dimming rear view mirror. The V1 can tap into that source right there without having to run a cable. That has worked perfectly on a dozen of my cars.


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