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LamboDIY is created as a basis to help with maintenance, repairs and upgrades for the Murcielago. The DIY write ups are not made by a professional mechanic. LamboDIY is not responsible for any damage or injury incurred while performing or attempting to perform the DIYs. Perform all DIYs at your own risk.

If you would like to contact LamboDIY for any reason, please send an email HERE

If you are in need of any OEM or aftermarket parts for your Lamborghini (or Audi R8), please visit Reid Performance

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  1. hi
    do you have moisture in the lights front and back when you drive in the winter?

    1. While it was driven in winter, there was more moisture in the headlights, but that went away. If your headlights have moisture inside that you cannot get out, this company will disassemble your headlights, clean them and reassemble them:


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