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This install is for a 2002-2004 Murcielago, and is an option aside from using an OEM Lamborghini part; Hawk HPS brake pads. 

The general concept in replacing the pads will also apply to 2005+ Murcielago, LP640, LP670, Diablo, and Gallardo but with variation since they all use a different caliper. 

The early Murcielago uses a standard Brembo GT1 4 piston brake caliper. So there are many, many options for brake pads. I decided to use Hawk HPS pads, 
part no: HB193 F.670.

Time: 30 minutes

Tools Required:
Small flat head screw driver
Medium/Large flat head screw driver
Medium punch
Small punch (optional)
Zip Ties (4)

What you're working with


1.  Jack up car and remove front wheels;

2.  Remove retaining cotter pins on top of brake calipers;

3.  Using the medium punch; tap the bottom retaining pin out of its hole;

4.  Once the pin has been dislodged, push down on the metal spring with your hand and pull the bottom retaining pin out;

5.  Rotate the metal spring upwards and remove it from the caliper;

6.  Remove the upper retaining pin;

7.  Use a small flat head screw driver and gently pry the brake pad towards the caliper from the rotor;

8.  Remove brake pad, by pulling straight up;

 9.  Using the pliers; bend the metal retaining pins on the brake wear sensor inwards;

10.  Using the small screwdriver; gently pry the brake wear sensor out of the pad (set aside)

11.  Using a medium/large screw driver, pry the caliper pistons back into the caliper. 
I usually go through and pry each one with the screw driver, which will move the other pistons. Then hold one of the pushed in pistons with my hand and pry the piston next to it. Do this until all the pistons are recessed enough to fit the new brake pads;

If you are going to bleed the brakes, before you do step 11, open the brake bleeder valve before pushing the pistons back into the caliper. Attach a hose to the bleeder valve as the fluid will spray out when the pistons are pushed into the caliper. 

12.  Install the brake wear sensor into the new pads;

If using brake pads without a provision for brake wear sensors, zip tie the brake wear sensor to the brake line. Use 2 zip ties per line, keep the sensor wire routed close to the brake line (not hanging by itself as pictured below)

13.  Slide the new brake pads into the calipers;

14.  Install the upper pin;

15.  Install the lower pin to align the brake pads, then remove it;

16.  Install the metal spring by rotating it the opposite direction of removal;

17.  Push down on the bottom of the metal spring with a screw driver

18.  Install the lower pin;

19.  Rotate the pins until the hole in the pin (where you removed cotter pin) is visible.
I used the small punch to grab the hole, but you can also push down on the metal spring and rotate the pin with your hand;

20.  Install cotter pins; and

21.  Lower the car to the ground, pump the brakes to build up pressure in the lines, then start the car and follow the brake pad bedding instructions that came with your pads.

Hawk HPS brake pads can be ordered here


According to Lamborghini, once a year the brakes and clutch should be bled. I prefer to rotate between ATE and ATE Super Blue fluid to make changing the fluid easier.

Tools needed:
Motive Power Bleeder with standard European attachment
3 feet of 3/16" hose
Brake fluid
Brake cleaner
17mm Socket, 1/2" Breaker Bar & Extension
Phillips Screw Driver
Jack Stands
Drain Pan


1.  Open hood/boot and remove the rubber seal from the rear edge of the trunk;

2. Remove rear trunk panel by un-screwing Phillips head screws and disconnect the electrical connection on the back of the panel;

3.  Loosen wheel lug bolts, jack car up and remove wheels;

4.  Fill Motive bleeder with brake fluid;

5.  Remove brake master reservoir cap;

6.  Screw Motive bleeder cap attachment to master reservoir, it's a tight fit;

7.  Pump Motive bleeder to 15psi;

8.  Open bleeder until new fluid comes out of the bleeder, then close the bleeder;

9.  Bleed one caliper at a time, in this order:

- right rear brake caliper (inner bleeder, outer bleeder)
- left rear brake caliper (inner bleeder, outer bleeder)
- clutch (bleeder screw on top, left of transmission/engine connection)
- right front brake caliper (inner bleeder, outer bleeder)
- left front brake caliper (inner bleeder, outer bleeder)

Tight fit on Master Cylinder Reservoir

 Front Right Caliper
Right Rear Caliper, Inner Bleeder
16. Spray everything that was touched by brake fluid with brake cleaner;

17. Remove the Motive bleeder from the car, install the master cylinder cap, the trunk panel and all the rubber caps on the bleeders, the wheels and lower the car. 


  1. Thanks for posting the article. I'm planning to replace my car's brake pads and I want to do it on my own to reduce cost! Worth reading. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing a step by step process on how to change a brake pad. This might sound like a daunting task for someone who’s doing it for the first time; but once you do it properly, you’d be amazed how easy it really is. My dad was a grease monkey, so I was lucky to learn a lot of stuff from him on how to repair a car. It saved me a lot of money and trips to the mechanic!

    Enoch Ross


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