Brake Light Switch

If you lose brake lights in a Murci/Diablo, it's most likely due to a faulty brake light switch. Luckily this isn't the hardest repair, and can be quite cheap to replace.

This install is on a Murcielago, and is an option aside from using an OEM Lamborghini part. If you want to use an OEM Lamborghini part, these instructions will help you replace your part with the new.

For all of you who do not want to use OEM. This method is slightly more difficult, but costs around $20 in parts, and a few extra minutes in labor. The only modification is to the faulty brake light switch, so the car has zero modification to it.

SLS105 tail light switch
Electric wire crimps

It's for a Chevrolet LUV (pre S-10 pick up), here is what it looks like:

This tail light switch is different from the OE Lamborghini in a few ways, most importantly, it doesn't have the same wiring connections; secondly the thread pitch is different.
There is also a little problem with the design, both wires are green, not red & black.  The OEM switch uses black & red. This is not a problem, but it adds time to the install.

The OEM switch is on the left, and the new switch is on the right.

1. Remove the switch by loosening the nut holding it to the L bracket with a wrench
2. Reach up & above the computer and disconnect the switch from the wiring harness
3. Remove the switch from the braket.
4. Remove the L bracket from the car (may have to push pedal to gain access to one of the bolts)

5. To make life easier, I routed the wiring harness connector below the computer. This doesn't make the under-dash look as nice as it could, but it make re-install easier. It will also cut down the replacement time in half if the new switch ever fails.

6. Once the OE switch is out of the car, cut the wires from it, then cut the wires from the new switch
7. Attach the OE wires to the new switch wires with crimps, but DO NOT lock the crimps. The new switch doesn't differentiate between positive & ground, so you must connect the wiring connector to the wiring harness and plug in the new switch to the crimp. If the tail lights illuminate, you have the correct orientation, and you can lock the crimps. If they don't, switch the wires.

8. Once the wires are crimped, lightly thread the new brake switch into the L bracket. The new switch has a different thread than the OEM unit, so it will not thread far before locking.
9. Attach the L bracket rear mount hole to the front mount hole on the car. This will give enough clearance for the new brake light switch without modifying the car.

10. Lock the nut on the new brake light switch to the L bracket.
11. Plug the brake light switch into the wiring harness.
12. Let there be brake light!