Replace Air Filters

Replace Air Filters in Murcielago | LP640 | LP670 | Reventon

1. Remove mesh trim at the rear of the engine bay by un-screwing four screws on the top of the mesh cover and two screws about half way down in the mesh;

2. Remove the carbon trim running along the side of the engine bay by un-screwing the phillips head screws along the top of the panels, then carefully pull the panels up and out;

If your car has the circular piece of carbon trim surrounding the engine cover shocks (pictured below), it must be removed. Use the smallest flat head screw driver you have to pull the metal retaining clip from the outside of the ball. Then simply pull the shock arm off its mount. Remove the carbon trim, re-insert the shock arm onto the ball and continue to work on the car. There is no need to replace the retaining clip while you work on the car.

Sometimes to remove the panel, the intake hoses must be removed from the throttle bodies. 

3. Remove hose clamps from throttle bodies;

The hose clamps can be removed from the air boxes, but this step is un-necessary.

The factory hose clamps require a special tool to remove and install. Often times the factory clamps to be weak and not properly hold the hoses on. I remove the factory hose clamps by prying off with a flat head screw driver and replacing them with either a standard hose clamp or t-bolt clamp. 

4. Remove three 4mm Allen-Hex bolts holding the air boxes together;

5. Left side of car: remove the hose clamp and hose for the breather with a flat head screw driver.
- Right side of car: there is a circular electrical box, it may be removed to access the front air box mounting bolt. Loosen the bolt holding it to the car and slide the circular electrical box off the bolt (no need to completely remove the bolt);

*Note* engine cover shock re-mounted without clip and hoses un-necessarily removed from air box
With the air boxes off, this is a good time to replace the factory hose clamps with stronger units

6. Replace old air filters with new air filters;

7. Reinstall air boxes, carefully tighten the three bolts to not damage the carbon;

8. If removed, reinstall hoses to air boxes;

9. Reinstall carbon trim panels;

10. Reinstall hoses to throttle bodies;

11. Reinstall circular carbon rings around engine cover hinges. Carefully slide retaining clips from the bottom of the mount until they lock in; and

If you plan on removing the carbon trim panels often, you do not have to reinstall the carbon rings. This makes removing the carbon trim panels much easier.

12. Reinstall mesh trim.

BMC high flow air filters are available here