Upgraded Ignition Coilpacks: Diablo 6.0 and 2002 & 2003 Murcielago

If you own a Diablo 6.0 or 2002/2003 Murcielago you are probably aware of the ignition coil dilemma. These cars were the first to use individual ignition coils after spark plug wires but before the use of VW/Audi ignition coils. Unfortunately, the Magneti Marelli ignition coils Lamborghini uses for these models are not without fault. The ignition coils allow water to enter the spark plug valleys which leads to, to corrosion of the spark plugs and ignition coils. The corrosion causes a weak spark, RPM hunting, and engine misfire. To top it off, one set of stock ignition coils is a scant $3,000.00. Unlike many other parts found on the Diablo and Murcielago, the ignition coils are not cross-referenced with any other car. 

I was not willing to shell out $3,000 for Magneti Marelli 3 pin ignition coilpacks, so I decided to make a coilpack.

Here's the low down on the White Out coilpack: 
1. Modified 3 pin coilpack body to fit Lamborghini head.
2. Spark plug boot to match the Magneti Marelli coil pack height and to act as a mount for the coilpack.
3. Rubber cover/lock to mount the coil pack to the Lamborghini head and keep water out of the spark plug valley.
4. Plug and play with stock Lamborghini wiring harness.

A quick rundown of the stock coilpack:
1. $3,000.00 set, individual coils are not available through Lamborghini;
2. Allow water to leak into the spark plug valley;
3. Prone to corrosion because of #2;
4. Known to physically fall apart;
5. Require heavy grease to help keep moisture out of spark plug valley, which causes a mess; and
6. Not all dealers keep them on hand, which means you wait for the parts to ship from Italy. 

Reid Performance vs. Magneti Marelli:
1. RP has a larger ignitor than MM.
2. To keep water out: RP has a rigid rubber seal around the outside of the spark plug valley; MM has an o-ring inside the spark plug valley.
3. RP is coated to protect from corrosion, MM is not.
4. RP utilizes a modified coil body, so the plastic on the side of the coil head is scuffed plastic whereas MM is covered with a trim piece. 
5. Mounting:
- RP uses the spark plug connection (Same as LP640 ignition coils).
- MM uses a retaining clip to put pressure on the ignition coils for the o-ring to seat 

I had weak ignition coils in two of my Murcielago's; the change in my car's driving characteristics were drastic since replacing the ignition coils. Results may vary, but here is what I've noticed:
- Start up is constant in sound/RPM;
- Car idle is constant; no fluctuation, even with a/c on or nose lift up;
- No low speed/low rpm hiccups;
- Power delivery is very linear, not jumpy, throughout the power band;
- Exhaust note is more clean;
- Less popping from the exhaust while engine breaking and between shifts:
- Less of a  fuel smell while stopped and idling:
- MPG has increased: and
- I took the car through an automated car wash, there was no water leaking past the rigid rubber seal into the spark plug valley. In contrat, when I took the car through an automated car wash with MM coilpacks, the spark plugs were submerged in water.
**** I do not suggest taking a Murcielago or Diablo through an automated wash because the engine bay is exposed to high pressure water and it can damage other electronics. 

Reid Performance Ignition Coils:

The following two pictures are focused to make the scuffing look the worst:

Used Magneti Marelli coilpacks:

Reid Performance vs. Magneti Marelli:

Difference in seals to keep water out of the valley:

Difference in ignitors (MM coilpack in the background spring is missing due to corrosion):

Car wash:

With MM coilpacks, spark plugs are usually drowning, but with RP coils they stay dry:

Reid Performance Ignition Coils are available HERE