How To Lift A Murcielago | Jacks That Fits Under A Murcielago

Lift a Murcielago

Often, the first step in a DIY is getting the car in the air. So here's how to get a Murcielago off the ground.


1. Start car and raise nose lift. Then shut car off and set parking brake.
2. Slide the jack directly behind the front wheel, along the frame rail.
3. Lift the car to its desired height.
4. Place floor jacks along the front frame rail.


1. Slide jack underneath rear cross frame rail. I use the reinforced section, with dual vertical bars.
2.  Lift the car to its desired height.
3. Slide jack stands under the reinforced tabs along the forward frame rails.

Jack That Fits Under a Murcielago

Many of aluminum jacks are the same across the board, so I went with the Harbor Freight versions.

The 1.5 ton jack has enough lifting power to get the Murcielago in the air, it is compact, lightweight and under $100. Unfortunately the narrow foot print and thin aluminum frame allow for the frame to bend easily if the car is lifted on an incline.

The 2 ton jack has a wider footprint and thicker aluminum frame than the 1.5 ton and weighs significantly more.  It requires less effort to lift the car but still has the same low height to fit under a lowered Murcielago.

The 1.5 ton jack's box has the image of a Gallardo, which I thought was comical, but it tends to be true. This jack will fit underneath my lower than stock height Murcielago with ease.

Lambo Tested & Lambo Approved.