wiper repair

In the midst of a 2,000 mile journey and over 800 miles from home the wiper system failed during a downpour. I had no tools and there was a deadline to travel 800 miles within 17 hours.

The wiper arm had no control or sync with the wiper controls. So I narrowed down the issue to be the wiper arm loose on the wiper motor. Driving at highway speeds the wiper would edge up on the window as wind caught it. Luckily C$ was able to pull the wiper arm back down every few hours.

So, I stopped at a fuel station and bought a bottle of Rain-X, and applied it to the windshield. This worked to get back before the deadline without a wiper.

The Rain-X did its job and we were able to make the drive in 15 hours.

Once I was able to get to tools I took the wiper arm off of the car using an alen head to remove the plastic cover and an 18mm wrench to remove the retaining nut holding the wiper arm to the car.

The teeth inside of the wiper arm were stripped, but the teeth on the wiper motor gear were in perfect condition. I blew on the wiper arm teeth to clear out the metal shavings.

I aligned the wiper arm onto the wiper motor gear. I tightened the 18mm nut, to hold the wiper arm on, and re-installed the wiper arm cover. Volla! It works again. Free fix!